“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates



December 14, 2013 · 12:53 am

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  1. **Always check with your doctor first before making dietary changes; especially if you are taking medications. Also informed your Doctor about your dietary change plan so he can monitor your progress and adjust medications as needed.

    Jeff Novick

    How to Read Labels

    Calorie Density with Jeff Novick

    Olive Oil is NOT good for your heart!

    Chef Del Sroufe ~ How to Saute Veggies Without Oil

  2. Pam Popper Ph.D., N.D. ~ Optimizing Health for Women

    The Wellness Forum

  3. Dr. Neal Barnard
    Forks Over Knives ~ Dr. Neal Barnard on Diabetes

    Reverse Diabetes
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Playlist ~ 24 Videos

    PCRM ~ Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
    Recipe of the Week

  4. Dr. Michael Greger ~ Maximum Nutrition Transitioning Towards a Plant Based Diet ~ Published on April 30, 2013

    Preventing the Most Common Diseases ~ Dr. Michael Greger ~ 2013

    Nutritional Facts ~ Dr. Michael Greger
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    Dr. Greger’s Shiitake ~ Miso Soup* ~ I omit all of the optional ingredients, esp. the sesame oil.


    Sea Vegetables ~ the sea vegetable hijiki (hiziki) should not be eaten due to high arsenic levels. Kelp should be avoided as it tends to have to much iodine. Today, I stay away from sea vegetables because of Fukushima.

    “Anti-Cancer Nutrient Synergy in Cranberries”
    Dr. Michael Greger ~ DEcember 12, 2013

    Pink Juice with Green Foam

    Cranberries vs Cancer

    Cold Steeping Green Tea


  5. Dr. McDougall ~ Insulin-like Growth Factor

    Dr. McDougall

    T. Colin Campbell author of “The China Study,” discovered the then unknown chemical ~ dioxin. Years later He became gravely ill because of his work with that unknown toxin. Dr. Campbell was starting to exhibit facial & vocal cord paralysis which was becoming progressively worst. He went to many Medical Specialists who did not have any effective treatment for his condition. He was giving a lecture about his new book “The China Study,” and he was asked if he was going to have a speaking tour. He explained that he was having difficulty speaking, so a book tour was not possible. Someone at the lecture offered Dr. Campbell free treatment at his fasting clinic. Dr. Campbell was sceptic at first, but then he thought that he had nothing to lose. He had no other options. So he went to the clinic and did the fast and he is still talking 🙂 Dr. Campbell mentioned this in an interview, which WAS posted on his web site. The interviewer asked Dr. Campbell if he had Cancer, what would he do? Then Dr. Campbell told his story. Dr. Campbell changed his web site. All the audio & video interviews are gone 😦

    T. Colin Campbell ~ October 8, 2011

    T. Colin Campbell, PhD at the University of PA
    Published on March 31, 2012

    “The China Study” ~ T. Colin Campbell, PhD. ~ Center for Nutritional Studies

  6. Janet Vitt-Sommer ~ Cancer Survivor
    “Never Give Up Hope.”” Janet Vitt Sommer
    Posted on July 27, 2006
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Janet Vitt-Simmer ~ Transcript

    Christina Paralow ~ Cancer Survivor
    2000’s Macrobiotic Summer Conference
    Uploaded November 7, 2006
    Part 1

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    Kushi Institute

  7. Brown Rice ~ Lundberg
    Pasta ~ Tinkyada ~ Creamy Texture

    “Vegan Italiano” by Donna Klein
    Favorite Cookbook. Can tweak the recipes by substituting the olive oil with water. See “Cooking Without Oil,” video posted above.

  8. Mushrooms That Taste Like Bacon.
    Tip ~ Store Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms in a brown lunch bag,(mushrooms will rot when stored in a plastic bag), and store in the refrigerator. The mushrooms will dry out. Place mushrooms in a bowl of warm water to rehydrate & clean.


    2 cups cooked organic black beans ~ 1 can
    2 cups cooked organic red beans ~ 1 can
    1 cup cooked brown rice
    (Lunberg’s Golden Rose Brown Rice – use water or organic vegetable broth)
    1 cup Quaker Oats Quick-Cooking Rolled Oats
    2 small onions, chopped
    1 tsp. cumin
    1 tsp. chili powder
    1 tsp. oregano or italian seasoning

    Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees
    1. Drain & Rinse Beans
    2. Mixing Bowl Add Beans & Mash
    3. Add & Mix Remaining Ingredients.
    4. Form Into Burgers or Meatballs!
    5. Place Burgers on Oiled Baking Sheet
    6. Bake For 15 Minutes On Each Side Until Browned
    7. Doctor It Up – Toppings – Catsup, Sweet Chili Sauce etc.

    15-Minute Beets

    Tuscan Navy Bean Soup

    Green Smoothie