Communist Plan to Corrupt Catholicism

Published on Sep 21, 2012
When the communists were young, an Italian Antonio Gramsci had the idea to remove the Church as an effective fighter against communism. This meant taking a slow path to infiltrate the Church and get Catholics to lose the faith little by little. This plan was eventually called “Operation Outstretched Hand.” More specifically it was to promote a pseudo-religion, a fake Catholicism but with enough look and feel to seem real. This plan would then introduce a guilt complex so that the Church would apologize from the past activities, and then embrace other religions’ ideas as a way to get along. Bella Dodd before her conversion helped get communist men to infiltrate the priesthood to move this plan along. The result, as we see clearly now, is the great apostasy, the “falling away”mentioned in the Bible. But God has a plan. At the Great Warning, everyone will know that God exists and how we must live according to His Commandments. Everyone will see the state of their souls, after which each person will have to choose Him or the devil. That will begin the Catholic Counter Revolution as we fight the ultimate enemy, the Antichrist and his minions.


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November 3, 2013 · 3:23 pm

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  1. “Gramsci’s Grand Plan”
    by Fr. James Thornton ~ July 5, 1999

    Dr. Bella Dodd ~ School of Darkness

    Published on Apr 24, 2013
    In this audio you will hear Bella Dodd who was a leader of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930′ s and 1940’s. She explains what she did while working as a communist and then describes her conversion back to the Catholic Faith thanks to Archbishop Futlon Sheen. Dr. Dodd served as legal council (attorney) for the Communists. Her book, “School of Darkness” (1954) reveals that Communism was perpetrated by financiers “to control the common man” and to advance world tyranny.
    She also testified before the US House Un-American Activities Committee. Speaking as a former high ranking official of the American Communist Party, Mrs. Dodd said:
    “In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.”

    The idea was for these men to be ordained and progress to positions of influence and authority as Monsignors and Bishops. A dozen years before Vatican II she stated that:
    “Right now they are in the highest places in the Church” — where they were working to bring about change in order to weaken the Church’s effectiveness against Communism. She also said that these changes would be so drastic that “you will not recognize the Catholic Church.”

    These words would prove frightfully true after the Second Vatican Council. We have seen the absolute destruction of faith, morals, doctrine and Tradition since the disasters of the Second Vatican Council and the Illicit ‘New’ Mass.

    “Bella Dodd ~ From Communism to Catholic”
    by Eleonore Villarrubia ~ August 31, 2010