Henryk Gorecki ~ Symphony No.3 Sorrowful Songs

Corrie Ten Bloom ~ One Way Door ~ The Hiding Place



October 19, 2013 · 9:37 pm

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  1. “One Way Door” with Corrie Ten Bloom
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    “…Time became a very thick thing to have to wade thru….

    ….Once, I stood with my back against the wall, of my cell, with my hands spread out as if I would push it away and I was that scared. And than I said, Lord, I’m not strong enough to stand all of this. My faith is not strong enough.

    Then I saw an ant, that I had seen for days roam on the floor. I just mopped the floor with a wet rag. The moment that ant felt the water on the stones, he ran to a little hole in the wall. He did not stop to look at wet rag or his weak feet. He went straight to his hiding place.

    Corrie, don’t look at your faith, it is weak like the tiny feet of that ant. Don’t think of the possibilities of those cruel people. I AM YOUR HIDING PLACE. And You can come to Me like that ant disappeared into the hole in the wall. And for the first time there came a real peace in my heart…”
    ~ Corrie Ten Bloom

    The Hiding Place

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