How to Advance Liberty

By Leonard E. Read ~ FEE’s Founder ~ 1978



October 16, 2013 · 10:01 am

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  1. “The Essence of Americanism”
    By Leonard E. Read ~ September 1, 1998

    Leonard E. Read ~ 1970
    Part 1

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    The Law by Fredrich Bastiat 1850 – Audio

  2. “Communism begins at the moment conceit is attached; fists clench and rise as soon as the ego is challenged; cheeks flush as soon as self-love is wounded, and blood boils and flows at that split second when pride is humbled. The anger is based on selfishness; he hates the rich not because he loves the poor in spirit, but because he wants to be rich himself. Every Communist is really a capitalist without any cash in his pockets. Selfishness is the world’s greatest sin; that is why the world hates those who hate it, why it is jealous of those who have more; why it is envious of those who do more; why it dislikes those who refuse to flatter, and why it scorns those who tell us the truth about ourselves; its whole life is inspired by the egotistical, and the personal, and its wrath is born of that self-love.”
    ~ Archbishop Fulton Sheen (The Cross and the Beatitudes)

    “The Dubious Appeal of Socialism” ~ Edmund A. Opitz

    “Understanding Unions’ Impact on Wages” ~ Robert Anderson

  3. “Hayek Was Right: The Worst Do Get to the Top”
    By Lawrence W. Reed ~ February 1, 1998

    “Milton Friedman discussed F.A. Hayek’s book, Road to Serfdom”
    November 20, 1994

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